Sophie, Escort in Kiev

Sophie - Kiev escort lady

Welcome!! Thanks for visiting inside my site! I'll tell you a bit about myself.. My name is Sophie, I'm mid 23s, a very happy and warm hearted girl who is very welcoming.
Physically I am a tall blonde with legs that men say "go on forever", maybe you can explore them all the way up?

I used to fantasise about being an escort when I was young and now I'm finally doing it :-) :-) I had a gent ask me recently "if it was ok" to come and see me because he's in his fifties - gents I enjoy escorting so of course its OK :-) [ps we had a great time], come and see me and we'll have as much fun as we can!!

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Everyone comments on how friendly and welcoming I am and I do pride myself on it, so please do come and see for yourself and lets have a fabulous time together!!

To make an appointment just call...

Mobile Number: +38099 517-77-23